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d2 duo

Sax - Flute - Guitar Vocals

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If you would like a demo DVD or CD we will gladly send one. Alternatively it's all on YouTube - see the links on our home page.

Recession is the word that we keep on hearing and its all doom and gloom, so they say!

Not anymore as d2 are offering the following:-

  1. A 'One Off' introductory (first gig) discounted fee.
  2. Discounts for follow up multiple gigs. Ask for details.

Keep Music Live.

So get your diaries out and give us a call, you know it makes sense.

d2 are unique, featuring Vocals - Guitar - Saxes and Flute.

So why not give us a call 07860 555108

Our Live music is best described as


Steve Gordon    Guitar and Vocals

Stewart Mason    Saxophones and Flute

Join us in the BluesySoulyJazzyRock'n'Rolly music experience

We play as a duo but can expand to a full band when the occasion demands.

Our music covers many styles and we pride ourselves in the way we can adapt to any situation.

BluesySoulyJazzyRock'n'Rolly music

We look forward to hearing from you

Contact Details:

Tel: 07860 555108