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               STEVE GORDON


Born: 1944, London

Educated: Westloates Bognor Regis

Interests: Music(all sorts); Food and Wine; Computing

Influences: Hank Marvin, Dave Goldberg Richie Blackmore, Eric Clapton, Jim Sullivan, James Brown, P J Proby, Elvis

Instruments: Guitar; Keyboards; Drums (a little)

History: Originally went to buy a trumpet but couldn't afford it and so bought a guitar. Studied both classical and contemporary guitar. Played in various small groups. Joined The Diamonds in the sixties and still there today.

Regrets: None really, other than I gave up professional playing in order to get married and bring up a family, but I have always wondered what the future would have held had I continued with my musical career

Family: Wife Maureen; Two children Samantha and Kerry; Grandsons George, who started playing guitar at the age of two and a half,
and Luke, and my beautiful granddaughter in Ireland, Molly.

The Future: We know we look like "Dad's Army" today, but the kids love it.
I have matured both as a human being and a musician and it shows in my playing and my whole attitude to it. When I was a kid I thought I was "Jack the Lad" but today I am totally involved in my music.

Advice: Music is not a competition; therefore musicians should not try and outplay or compete with their fellow musicians.

Music is to be enjoyed; therefore do not self-indulge.

Listen to your fellow musicians as to what they are playing.

Guitarists should try to use ALL their fingers when and if required, including the little finger.

I hope any reader of this will get as much pleasure from playing as I have over the years and remember:

There are no age barriers in music. Young and old can play together and on the same level.